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Pre-election Situational Statement

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MEIC logo.

 Statement for Immediate Release

Malawi 2014 tripartite elections

Pre elections situation

May 19, 2014

The Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) under the banner of the Malawi Election Information Centre (MEIC) would like to highlight a number of pertinent issues that could potentially have both negative and positive impact on the upcoming Elections.

On the positive side, MESN would like to commend MEC for improving the flow of information and timely reporting and consultations with key stakeholders. We believe that the constant flow of information from MEC has helped reduce the level of bias on the part of the election management body.

Another notable development is the presidential debates. The debates have provided candidates the opportunity to dialogue with the voters and to turn the campaign into an issue-based one. As MESN we believe in issue based elections and we will support the sustainability of this initiative to ensure that Malawians vote for candidates based on issues and policies and not otherwise as has been the trend in the past. Continue reading

THE Road So Far in Pictures With the MEIC

MEIC_2014 would like to thank the following for all their input in this project: OSISA, HIVOS, Afrimap, Glen Mpani, Sando Johnson, Gertrude Pourrier, Dumase Zgambo-Mapemba, Geof Chirwa, Levi Kabwato, Ruth Masangano, Rosenana Roka, and Christine Malata.