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In a First For Malawi, Voter Verification Now Available On Mobile and Web

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In a first for Malawi, voter verification now available on mobile and web

BLANTYRE – 21 April, 2014:

In a historical and electoral first for Malawi, prospective voters in the country are now able to verify their voter registration status using mobile phones. A web platform has also been created for the same purpose.

Registered voters in the upcoming Tripartite elections scheduled for 20 May, 2014 can now send a FREE short–‐message–‐service (SMS) to a designated short–‐ code and instantly receive details of where they are registered to vote.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in conjunction with the Malawi Election Information Centre (MEIC) is rolling out this service, with technical assistance coming from SMAG Media UK, Ltd. and Code For Africa.

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THE Road So Far in Pictures With the MEIC

MEIC_2014 would like to thank the following for all their input in this project: OSISA, HIVOS, Afrimap, Glen Mpani, Sando Johnson, Gertrude Pourrier, Dumase Zgambo-Mapemba, Geof Chirwa, Levi Kabwato, Ruth Masangano, Rosenana Roka, and Christine Malata.